Artelon SW/SW-W

——Disperse dyes for polyester——               


 - Dyes for the highest level of wash-fastness.

 - Excellent perspiration fastness and water fastness.

 - Wild pH range, stable to reducing.

 - Especially suitable for polyester/spandex blends.

 - Problem-solving on difficult fabrics for high wash-fastness apparel, such as top brand sportswear outlets and army work-wears.


   Artelon® Yellow SW-GG

   Artelon® Bril. Yellow SW

   Artelon® Yellow Brown SW

   Artelon® Orange SW-R

   Artelon® Bril. Red SW-CB

   Artelon® Red SW-B

   Artelon® Red SW-2B

   Artelon® Scarlet SW-GS

   Artelon® Scarlet SW-XG

   Artelon® Red SW-R

   Artelon® Rubine SW

   Artelon® Rubine SW-4B

   Artelon® Rubine SW-2G

   Artelon® Turquoise SW-GL

   Artelon® Blue SW

   Artelon® Blue SW-B

   Artelon® Violet SW-2RS

   Artelon® Navy SW-V 300%

   Artelon® Navy SW-RN

   Artelon® Navy SW-XG

   Artelon® Navy SW-VIP

   Artelon® Black SW-SF

   Artelon® Black SW-V 300%

   Artelon® Black SW-VIP 300%

   Artelon® Black SW-RS

   Artelon® Black SW-G 300%

   Artelon® Black SW-SD

   Artelon® Golden Yellow SW-RW

   Artelon® Yellow Brown SW-W

   Artelon® Red SW-RW

   Artelon® Red SW-FW

   Artelon® Red SW-DBW

   Artelon® Red SW-BW

   Artelon® Turquoise W-XF

   Artelon® Cyanine W-B

   Artelon® Blue SW-RW

   Artelon® Black SW-GW