Argacid M

- 1:2 metal complex dyes.

 - Complete color range, very high build-up, suitable for dark to extra dark shade.

 - Outstanding light fastness and washing fastness.

 - Good leveling, good compatibility and excellent reproducibility.

 - Recommend for polyamide, polyamide micro-fiber, polyamide/cotton, polyamide/spandex etc.


   Argacid® Bril. Yellow M-4G

   Argacid® Yellow M-2R 125%

   Argacid® Yellow M-A

   Argacid® Yellow M-2RX

   Argacid® Yellow M-DG

   Argacid® Yellow M-2GL

   Argacid® Red M-G 200%

   Argacid® Red M-GX

   Argacid® Red M-RSP

   Argacid® Red SS-V

   Argacid® Bordeaux M-B

   Argacid® Red M-3B

   Argacid® Blue M-2RN

   Argacid® Blue M-2R

   Argacid® Navy M-DR 200%

   Argacid® Navy M-R

   Argacid® Navy M-RV

   Argacid® Navy M-RX

   Argacid® Brown M-B

   Argacid® Brown M-BX

   Argacid® Brown M-G

   Argacid® Grey M-G

   Argacid® Grey M-2G

   Argacid® Black M-R

   Argacid® Black M-RX

   Argacid® Black M-B

   Argacid® Black SS-G

   Argacid® Black SS-R 120%

   Argacid® Black SS-N