Argacid N

 - Mono-sulfonic and bi-sulfonic half milling acid dyes.

 - Suitable for middle to dark shades, can achieve very deep color on different polyamide fabrics.

 - Bright color shade, complete color range.

 - Tri-chromatic color has good compatibility.

 - Middle to high migration properties, good wet fastness, especially designed for polyamide/cotton blends.

 - Used together with Argafix PA can reach excellent wet fastness for dark shades.

 - Recommend for polyamide, polyamide micro-fiber, polyamide/cotton, polyamide/spandex etc.


   Argacid® Flu.Yellow N-8G

   Argacid® Bril. Yellow N-4GF

   Argacid® Bril. Yellow N-7G

   Argacid® Yellow N-GR 150%

   Argacid® Yellow N-R 133%

   Argacid® Yellow N-R

   Argacid® Yellow N-RX 133%

   Argacid® Orange N-KG

   Argacid® Scarlet N-G

   Argacid® Red N-EP

   Argacid® Red N-GS

   Argacid® Red N-GW

   Argacid® Red F-GS

   Argacid® Red N-3G

   Argacid® Red N-3GF

   Argacid® Rhodamine Red N-2B

   Argacid® Red N-2RBL

   Argacid® Red N-3B

   Argacid® Red N-PB

   Argacid® Rubine N-BS

   Argacid® Bordeaux N-5B 250%

   Argacid® Violet N-B

   Argacid® Turguoise N-2G

   Argacid® Blue N-BL

   Argacid® Blue N-PR

   Argacid® Blue N-R

   Argacid® Green N-FG

   Argacid® Green N-VG

   Argacid® Green N-6GL

   Argacid® Navy N-R

   Argacid® Black LDN

   Argacid® Black LDX